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About me

Art is conversation”, and for Debbie, it’s always about the connections we have to each other and the world around us. “It’s about telling a story, and about the stories we tell ourselves when we view or create art.

Born and raised in London, Ontario, Debbie spent 20+ years in business, finance, and sales before turning her hand to professional writing and art. In 2012 her first fiction novel was published (Echelon Press LLC, 2012), followed by two additional novels (2014, 2016). Debbie has also been a co-contributor to international non-fiction anthologies, and regularly interviewed other authors, from new writers to NYT bestsellers, for a writer’s blog out of Los Angeles, California. In addition, she initiated a monthly writers’ group in Grand Bend, Ontario, has taught several writer’s workshops for emerging writers, penned regular interviews with local artists for the Exeter Examiner community news publication, and implemented/co-hosted a very successful two-day writer’s workshop in Grand Bend, Ontario, bringing in four established Canadian and U.S. writers to speak at the event.

Eager to explore new avenues of artistic expression, she found a new passion—representational landscape, seascape, nature, and abstract acrylic painting on canvas, glass, ceramic, and wood. Visual art gives form and function to her creative visions, allowing her to tell stories in an exciting new medium. Often depicting the serenity and peace she finds in nature, her representational paintings speak to that longing many people feel for re-connection with the self and nature. Her vibrant abstract paintings talk to the ebb and flow of life, and inter-connections all humans experience.

Her work has been exhibited and sold at Westland Gallery’s Square Foot Show (2017, 2018), local studio tours, and art projects in London and Grand Bend, Ontario. She enjoys connecting with others, bringing to life new visions of art, and encouraging others to explore their own creativity.


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