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Debbie A. McClure lives in London, Ontario, Canada. She is a multi-published fiction and non-fiction author and arts/culture columnist for The Examiner community publication out of Exeter, Ontario. In 2016 she began a new journey into the world of visual arts. As a previous Board member of the Grand Bend Art Centre, she was inspired to explore her growing creative muse by learning more about acrylic painting.


A self-taught artist, Debbie enjoys using her paintings to tell a story, much as she does with words. Each piece is meant to draw the viewer into a world of their own making into a story they tell themselves. Art is conversation, and to Debbie this means that each painting lends itself to discussion. Her abstract acrylic flow artwork is meant to do more than fill a wall space. She invites the viewer to see beyond the colours on the surface, with closer inspection revealing a unique network of shapes, colour, and design.


In her landscape and nature series, she provides a window through which she sees the world around her and the “I’m Still Here” series is testament to the fact that sometimes we must move toward something, or move away from it into a new beginning.


As she continues to explore the world of visual arts, she invites others to join her in her journey through her work. Her favourite question of artists and art lovers is, “What do you see or feel?”

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