Gogi Sidhu

About me

Gogi is of East Indian origin, born in India. She moved to Canada with her family at the age of 9. The ancient culture of her origin and her love for Canada both formed her life as an abstract artist. 
Gogi has had a keen interest in art ever since she can remember. She began painting more seriously in 1997, with her first exhibit in 2001. Her art is an exploration into the unknown and unseen qualities of being human. To the mind, concrete and formed shapes and structures are interesting for a moment, yet once it has taken notice of them, it quickly becomes bored and moves onto something else. This sense of boredom is not able to assert itself with abstract art, particularly beautiful and colourful art.
Gogi as a painter sees the world as being brilliant and extremely fascinating. This is reflected in the bold colours she chooses for her pieces. Her art expresses her inner search of the self, the stillness and journeys taken by the mind.
Email Gogi at gogisidhu12345@gmail.com
Gogi will be showing her work at the PineDale Motor Inn, Grand Bend, during the studio tour.

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