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John Labatt Scatcherd, born in Calgary AB 1967, and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. Growing up in the Hawaiian Islands he found his love for the ocean, being outdoors, surfing, fishing and hiking. He spent summer vacations with his family in Grand Bend. John has worked at Oakwood Resort since his family acquired the resort in 1981 and is currently the Resort Ambassador.

John’s love of photography started when a friend showed him how to develop film in a dark room where he watched the paper come to life.

The skies light up like nowhere else in the world. Rumors have it that even National Geographic named it in the top 5 places in the world to view sunsets. rated Grand Bend as the number one location out of 17 in Canada for best sunsets.

In the winter of 2016 when his father was very ill with C.O.P.D, he gave John a camera for Christmas. From that day on, John was out every night taking pictures of the beautiful Grand Bend shoreline along Lake Huron where the sunsets are second to none. It is here where he started to develop his portfolio. John can be found at the beach in storms, wind, snow or rain, waiting until the sun sinks into Lake Huron to capture that perfect moment. With one full year and his first show under his belt, he hopes to capture the minds and attention of the public to show them why the shoreline in Grand Bend is known for its beauty.

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