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I first became interested in making jewelry from silverware after seeing some examples in eastern Ontario.  I have always enjoyed creating.  My hobbies over the years have included photography, woodworking, and stained glass art.  We retired to our home town of Grand Bend a few years ago and last year I had the time to experiment with this new creative art.  Researching different techniques, I developed my own way of forming silverware into jewelry.  I started making more than even my wife could wear.  With the encouragement of our friends and family we began our new venture calling it “Style ‘n Silver.”  Brenda discovered that there were endless patterns and intricate designs of silverware and she began tracking down suitable pieces.  I moved on to transforming these knives, forks and spoons into pendants, earrings, bracelets and brooches.  This was giving new life to something that in many cases had been packed away and forgotten for years in silverware chests, hidden in closets, attics and basements. The more I learned about working with silver the more satisfying it became to transform old and tarnished pieces into something bright and beautiful again.

Style’n Silver has done several commissioned pieces using silverware that may have been in a family for generations.  Matching jewelry for mothers, daughters and granddaughters as well as siblings, all made from Grandma’s silver.  A piece of family history to wear proudly!  This jewelry can evoke treasured memories of family gatherings where bringing out the silver was a special event in itself.  Old and intricate patterns have been renewed as pendants, bracelets, rings and pins, inspiring their own stories as wearable art.


Something we are doing more of recently are “Coin Rings” (rings made from silver coins.) They can be men’s or womens and are made using old silver fifty cent or twenty-five cent coins. Birth dates and anniversary dated coins are quite popular. Foreign coins collected on trips abroad also can be used in many cases. Small coins make nice pendants too!

Visit us at Sunset Arts Gallery on River Road during the studio tour.  We look forward to seeing you!


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