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They said you couldn’t build an estate winery in Huron County. No one ever has before. They said leave the winemaking to the winemakers. Stick to what you already know. They said Huron County doesn’t need such a destination. Who will visit?

But “they” don’t know our family, our passion or our drive.

We are the horse you didn’t see coming. The trailblazer determined to carve a new path.

We are Dark Horse Estate Winery!

Surrounded by the beauty of Huron County and incredible one-of-a-kind architecture, our winery will give people a chance to leave the everyday with all its stresses and commitments behind. Instead, they’ll experience something new. Something inviting. Something extraordinary.

Like offering local cheeses paired with our wines in an outdoor picnic. Or a stroll through the vineyard, glass in hand. Or a tasting room where guests can witness winemaking firsthand.

By constantly striving to go beyond the conventional, we’ll gain a network of dedicated visitors who return year after year to this place that’s like a second home. A place where we always recognize a returning face. A place that’s warm and inviting.

And whether they’re here for those extra special occasions or to simply escape the day, they’ll always be shown the small-town hospitality they’ve come to expect from Huron County.

But it won’t be easy. It will take good old-fashioned hard work, perseverance and working together with our staff, our stakeholders and our community to build this wonderful destination. We’ll stay true to our values by letting the experts be experts. Collaborating creatively with our partners. And learning from each other.

Producing a quality wine as inviting and uncomplicated as the place that bore it, the kind of wine that people truly want to drink.

We look forward to your visit during the studio tour weekend!

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    Dark Horse Winery

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