Beachglass Baubles and Bowls

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 Although they are unable to participate in the studio tour this year, you can find out more about Beachglass Baubles & Bowls here.  Be sure to visit them as permitted this summer.


Beachglass Baubles & Bowls is a quaint Gift shop owned and operated by artisans Al and Janice Gillis. Janice (a silversmith) creates one of a kind sterling silver jewelry, incorporating beautiful Lake Huron beachglass as well as glass she has collected from around the world. Janice also incorporates some of her treasured glass into stunning pieces of resin artwork.

 Al is an accomplished wood turner who’s on site turnery produces some truly gorgeous natural edge bowls and vessels from wood harvested locally. His connection to the forest and his love of the mighty hardwoods is apparent in the way he pulls the natural beauty out of each piece.

  As the name alludes visitors can also find baubles of all sort, some hand made on site and some imported. Take a tour of their studios or just browse the attached gift shop, either way you won’t be disappointed.

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