Bill Niewland

About me

Born in 1944 in a small rural town on a Dutch island, Bill remembers drawing clouds reflected in shimmering waters as early as age seven.

A self taught painter from an artistic family, Bill experimented in oils, capturing the images of his youth, windmills, churches, historic houses, and tree-lined dykes beneath scudding clouds.

Bill immigrated to Canada in 1959, settled in St. Thomas, and soon became fascinated by wilderness. With the photographer’s eye for realism, Bill excels in depicting unexpected detail in his paintings, from the rose and orange of the sunset cloud reflected in water to local wildlife in its natural habitat. Always drawn to local history and lore, Bill also developed a knowledgeable interest in North American Indian culture, and has created various authentic replicas of artefacts and crafts, from hunting tools to complete ceremonial dress hide garments.

From his studio in Huron Woods overlooking the Old Ausable River, Bill finds both relaxation and inspiration, recreating various local scenes on canvas as well as images from his travels across North America.


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