Dave Bannister and Sarah Chisholm

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Father and daughter duo David Bannister and Sarah Chisholm will be exhibiting together at David’s beautiful home in the forest.

A graduate of the H. B. Beal Special Art program, David has combined a career as a Creative Director in advertising with many other interests including painting, photography, writing, woodworking, and sailing. Raised on a southwestern Ontario farm, David continues to enjoy growing things and interacting with the natural environment – animals, gardening, the landscape, and the constantly changing weather of the Grand Bend shoreline. These subjects are a constant part of his life and creative work. 


Sarah grew up influenced by her talented father, and has gone on to have a career in art herself. She is an accomplished fine art photographer, digital painter, and writer, and she finds inspiration every day in her surroundings. Sarah loves to photograph landscapes, skies, the forest, and the beach, especially stones. She also creates otherworldly fantasies such as mermaids and dragons. She uses digital tools for her photographs and paintings, and creates wondrous, unique images by combining fine art photography and digital painting to convey an ethereal and magical impression. Her work is featured in collections and publications all around the world.

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