Elizabeth Carr

About me

Canada is my adopted country, chosen by my parents when we fled our troubled homeland during the Hungarian uprising, more than 50 years ago. Once settled in Canada, my father found time to paint in oils. He encouraged me to do the same, when I was in my teens.I dabbled a bit but real inspiration would not come until some 40 years later, making me a late, untrained, starter. During extended stays in France, her rustic charm was to become the muse that prompted me to want to paint. At my husband’s suggestion, I bought an inexpensive set of watercolours and started to capture some, of what makes France such a joy to visit.Doing watercolors filled in the time, in France, when we were not travelling and it has remained a very rewarding hobby. During the past year, though, I have experimented with graphite with fairly good success. I love the medium and as it suits my style it allows me to develop as an artist.

We moved to Huron County 6 years ago; the Zurich area has been a large part of my inspiration ever since.

I have successfully exhibited my work , in the past ,for the Huron County Art Bank; in the “Paint Ontario Art Show and Sale” and in the “South Huron Art Show and Sale.”

Watercolour and pencil works of a variety of subjects.


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